Who We Are - Team
SigmaMed is a partnership of mission-driven performance excellence consultants focused on helping small and rural healthcare providers thrive, not just survive. We are small enough to be nimble and responsive to your needs, yet without the heavy expenses of a large company, can provide the highest level of performance excellence services available anywhere at a price that fits into any budget. We will help you select projects that will quickly repay your investment and lead a transformation of your facility in a revenue positive manner.

Jamie is a GE-trained Six Sigma Black Belt with a diverse background in healthcare and business, including fifteen years as an orthopedic surgical consultant, radiology PACS/RIS process improvement specialist, business continuance/DR solution architect, and founder of an IT services company in Shanghai, China. Jamie has a special interest in helping hospitals and clinics develop their staff resources into a powerful source of competitive advantage. He is a licensed Commercial Pilot with over 1,000 hours and has unique expertise in the application of checklists to the reduction of medical errors. Jamie served on the Colorado Center for Improving Value in Health Care “Care Transitions Task Force” and is a frequent speaker on improving the patient experience and profitability through enhancing provider and staff satisfaction.

(303) 666-6776 office

Jamie Martin, Master Black Belt

President & CEO

David is a seasoned registered nurse and visionary healthcare leader with a focus on creating world-class patient experience, delivering compassionate, patient-centered care, and optimizing delivery systems. His 35 years in rural hospital / clinic operations and direct patient care, uniquely position him to help organizations create innovative solutions to produce exceptional quality, service and cost savings. He has led rural hospitals and clinics in transitioning from volume to value through cultural transformation using Lean management principals to engage everybody, everyday in continuous improvements. He serves on the Hospital Quality Incentive Payment Subcommittee representing rural hospitals, and is an expert in Medicare and Medicaid incentive payment programs. A nominee for the Florence Nightingale Award, David is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and facilitating teams to achieve a common goal.

David Solawetz, Registered Nurse

VP of Care Innovation Services

Wray Paul is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Electrical & Chemical Engineer, MSE, PMP, and MBA with over 40 years in quality and process improvement. Wray served on the Rocky Mountain Health Plans Practice Transformation Team and currently provides high-level Master Black Belt mentoring for SigmaMed on clinical productivity and other value optimization efforts. Prior to joining SigmaMed Wray administered various departments at a Critical Access Hospital, while also overseeing all Quality and PI efforts. He has worked for some of the world’s largest healthcare corporations and spent several years as an EMR/PACS/RIS turnaround project manager at First Consulting. Wray has a breadth and depth of experience that few Lean Six Sigma Healthcare consultants possess.

Wray Paul, Master Black Belt

Transformation Team Lead

Scott has specialized in driving cost out of the healthcare supply chain for over 30 years. His clients range from clinics and CAHs all the way up to large hospital systems such as Kaiser, Catholic Health, Memorial Hermann, Northwestern University, etc. Scott will perform a free assessment of your savings opportunities and bill you based upon how much money he can save you.

Scott Frost, MBA, FACHE

Supply Chain and NLE Management Specialist
What Makes Us Unique?

Our Mission is to Help you Thrive, not just Survive!

We do this by helping to bring back the sense of fulfillment and joy inherent in the practice of medicine. We teach your teams the tools and leadership skills necessary to lead patient-centered improvement projects that renew their sense of fulfillment and connection to their work. This is the kind of happiness that comes out of connection, trust, respect, and serving on a team striving to be the best they possibly can be! Happy staff lead to happy customers, which lead to higher profits and a happy board!

Our work is founded on the principle that successful change begins with results and that the best way to drive organizational transformation is for initial project(s) to realize meaningful goals and a positive ROI. The only way to really learn process improvement is to participate in a successful team effort that results in significant financial return on investment. The organization rapidly recoups its investment and thus the effort develops a level of internal belief that improves the likelihood of long-term adoption. With so much work to do no one wants to spend time on a “flavor-of-the-month” change program and the “pull” generated by success ensures commitment necessary for long-term transformation.

Value Based Consulting….we put our skin in the game too!

With so much hype and spin these days it’s hard to know what to trust. We live and breathe the Lean concept of customer value and to demonstrate this commitment we put skin in the game and share risk with you. We help you pick a project, a team, and determine your improvement goals. We agree on a price and a timeline and if we don’t attain your goals at the end of the contract, we keep working for free until you do. If you prefer, we will cut our normal rates in half and then earn a small percentage of project upside if results exceed your goals. For details on our Value Based Consulting approach to pricing, please Click Here.

Achieve More, Do Less

Executives are overloaded and nothing is more valuable than extra time. Skilled leaders in the managerial ranks are a rare commodity and executives end up spending far too much time fixing things. The focus of our project work is on leadership development and our aim is to groom new high functioning leaders for your organization.

Our project teams comprise mainly front line staff and team leaders are almost never above the rank of manager. We mentor team leaders as co-facilitators to teach them important team leadership skills, project management, and the mindset of continuous improvement. Including front line staff on the teams is vital for the success of the effort and engenders a feeling of respect and renewed commitment to the organization.

Executives serve as project champions to provide high-level oversight, remove roadblocks, and ensure project activities are aligned with strategy. For a minimal time commitment from the C-suite you end up with new managerial competence, highly efficient new processes that better serve your customers, and a group of engaged staff ready to take on your next big challenge.

Our Expertise

Our broad range of complementary skill sets and collaborative working style ensure you receive best-in-breed service:

Clinical Productivity and Operations
Care Management
PCMH and ACO value based purchasing
Revenue Cycle
Ancillary Services
IT & EMR Optimization & Meaningful Use
Supply Chain & Non-Labor Expense Management; and
Financial Performance Analysis & Improvement.
Whether you are a small facility looking to Lean Six Sigma as a survival strategy or a large hospital needing to inject rigor into your quality and PI efforts, we have the experience and insight needed to help you quickly reach your goals in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Advice is Free!

We are here to serve and please feel free to get in touch to discuss your issues and options. It is not easy to map out a course forward in uncertain times, but our experience in facilities much like yours may provide helpful insight. Please call or email Jamie Martin ([email protected]; (303) 666-6776 direct) or complete a contact request form at your convenience. We will respond to your request within an hour or two.